Browse trough our troubleshooting points to help you with any E-Mail issues you may have.

Please call our office at 780-882-6623.

  • Enter into your web browser.  
  • Click the Green Login Button on the top right of the screen
  • You will see 3 circles with “GPnet, Coool, and NetNet.
  • Click on the correct domain for your email.  
  • Log in using your email address and current password.  
  • On the top right you will see your email address, Click there and locate Password & Security.
  • You will now be asked to enter in a new password, then click SAVE.

Call our support team at 780-882-6623 to reset your password. Our support team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

Server Type: POP3

Incoming Server: (port 110)

Outgoing Server: (Port 587)

Outgoing server require authentication. Same as incoming mail server

IMPORTANT: “your-maildomain” is the portion of your e-mail address after the “@” symbol, this will either be OR

Account name/User name: Your full e-mail address, this includes your domain address
Password: Your e-mail password

This could mean a couple of different things.

1: Your email providers system is down

  • You will most likely get some form of error that states “cannot find host”.  If your email is one provided by us please give us a call at the office for further assistance.

2: There is a problem with your mail client

  • Try restarting your email client.  Your email client is the program you are using to access your emails.  Some common email clients are Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

3: There is a problem with your computer

  • Try restarting your computer.  If this does not solve any issues then please give us a call at our office.

Need Additional Support?

If you require additional help or if your location does not fall within a network outage, you can contact us many different ways! 
Give us a call, send us an email, open a ticket in your customer portal!