This means that you have reached your monthly bandwidth quota OR are near reaching your quota. We are currently not charging for overusage or slowing down connections, however, we preserve the right to do so if we feel your usage is affecting others or if it has been an ongoing issue.

* We reserve the right to charge up to $5 per GB on overages should we feel that a subscriber is disregarding our fair usage policy. GPNetworks policy is to use the data allocated to packages as guidelines and we are very lenient in enforcing the limits.

We believe in fair usage and we urge our customers to be respectful and also to be aware. If you would like to check your usage, you can do so by clicking here

Yes. If you login to your client portal and view your account you will have the option to pay online. Be sure to keep your account information current and let us know if there are any changes to emails, phone numbers or address.

We require a minimum of 30 days notice for cancellation of an account.

Accounts that are under a contract are subject to a $300 penalty for early cancellation over 6 months.
Cancellation Fees equal 50% of fees for the months times the remaining amount of months on the contract term if less than 6 months.

Internet Service on a month-to-month contract may be cancelled at any time after the contract has expired with no penalty fees.

Video Game SystemMinimum Download SpeedMinimum Upload SpeedMaximum Ping Rate (in milliseconds)
Microsoft Xbox One3 Mbps0.5 MbpsLess than 150 ms
Nintendo Switch3 Mbps1 MbpsLess than 150 ms*
Sony Playstation 4Estimated 3 Mbps*Estimated 1 Mbps*Less than 150 ms*
PC / MacEstimated 3-6 Mbps*Estimated 0.75-1 Mbps*Less than 100-150 ms*