Browse trough our troubleshooting points to help you with any E-Mail issues you may have.

Please call our office at 780-882-6623.

Enter into your web browser.  You will see 3 circles with “GPnet, Coool, and NetNet.  Click on the correct domain for your email.  Log in using your email and current password.  Next you will see a change password button.  You will be able to enter in a new password there.

Call our support team at 780.882.6623 to reset your password. Our support team is available Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

If you have an email with us make sure your incoming server and outgoing mail server is set to the proper domain. “ or or”  

Your incoming mail server will require a username and password.  Your username is your full email address, and your password is your emails login password.  If you do not know it you can have it changed by calling 780-882-6623.

You will also need to change your outgoing server port to 587 with outgoing authentication.  Be sure to have your username and password entered as well.  Also make sure SSL is turned off.

The authentication for your outgoing mail is the same as your incoming.

Server Type: POP3

Incoming Server: (port 110)

Outgoing Server: (Port 587)

Outgoing server require authentication. Same as incoming mail server

IMPORTANT: “your-maildomain” is the portion of your e-mail address after the “@” symbol, this will either be OR

Account name/User name: Your full e-mail address, this includes your domain address
Password: Your e-mail password

This could mean a couple of different things.

1: Your email providers system is down

  • You will most likely get some form of error that states “cannot find host”.  If your email is one provided by us please give us a call at the office for further assistance.

2: There is a problem with your mail client

  • Try restarting your email client.  Your email client is the program you are using to access your emails.  Some common email clients are Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

3: There is a problem with your computer

  • Try restarting your computer.  If this does not solve any issues then please give us a call at our office.

Still can't find a solution?

Call Support @ 780-882-6623